New release on CEPT portal

On the 22nd April 2024, we will launch a new release of the CEPT portal. This release is part of the ongoing upgrade of the CEPT portal system, and with this release we will, amongst other rebuild features, also draw your attention to the personalisation features of the portal. In the future we will expand on this functionality to make it easier for you as a user to navigate and receive information for the work that interests you the most.


Accessing the portal is usually done in 2 ways:

  1. By accessing the address in the browser

  2. By direct link (email or browser favourites)

Also, when you login, you may have selected to save the login so that you are automatically logged in when you access the site.


After you have typed your username and password - you will start your visit on your personal start page. On this page you will have access to news from your groups, latest documents and meetings and other information.

If you access via option 2 - a direct link, your visit will start on the page that the link directs you to.

You can always come back to your start page - either by clicking the icon of a person on the top of the site, or by selecting “start page” on the left side profile bar.




You can set a different starting page if you want, this is done in your profile settings, please read more about how to set this here.


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