Test before a meeting

Before hosting a hybrid meeting, its always a good idea to test the setup.


 ECO recommends the following steps to be tested:

  • Easy connecting and accessing the internet from a visitors perspective

  • Access to The MeetingHub from the venue

  • Access to GoTo and microphone processing in GoTo - i.e. does the sound from the microphone system at the venue relays to GoTo and vice-versa

  • If video is to be used - this should also be tested.


If your organisation do not have GoTo licenses, please sign up for 14 days free trial on this link: Get a free trial of GoToMeeting - GoTo

ECO can unfortunately not provide any access to GoTo prior to the meeting being held.


We sometimes see the problem that presenter appears to be sharing, but nothing is relayed to Goto - this is a firewall restriction at the location where the presenter is located.

For technical information about network and firewall settings please see this information from Allowlisting and Firewall Configuration - GoTo Meeting Support



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