Meeting room setup

When hosting a hybrid-meeting, the meeting facilities need to be prepared to connect the online participants and the physical participants.

- Internet Connection

Make sure an stable, available and unobstructed internet connection are available to the participants. As most meetings are conducted as hybrid, it is important that the participants can access the internet to make use of the systems for managing and conducting a transparent hybrid meeting.

 - Software:

The MeetingHub platform, developed by ECO, provides a common space for the interaction of both physical and remote participants, thanks to common features such as a single raise-hand queue and a simple chat system.

For the online presentations, ECO uses the GoToMeeting tool. The ECO expert will facilitate the access to the account(s) needed at the meeting.

- Hardware:

At the ECO we use a dedicated computer to connect the meeting room to the GoToMeeting.

This dedicated computer, is connected to the room´s AV system. Once this dedicated computer accesses the GoToMeeting, the meeting room attendance is integrated and becomes part of the virtual meeting.

A schematic description of the connections deployed at the ECO is provided below:


- Generally this is the guideline:


  • Use a dedicated computer to maintain the connection between the meeting room and the GoToMeeting. This computer must access and be a participant in the GoToMeeting.

  • Connect the meeting room´s AV system to the computer which must access the GoToMeeting

  • The use of a camera to display the meeting room is recommended. Connect the camera to the computer which must access the GoToMeeting.


- Additional hints:

At the ECO, an additional screen is provided to the Chair. The presenter sharing their screen on the GoToMeeting should use an extra monitor to handle the MeetingHub.,  This avoids  displaying to the participants sensitive information such as private chats or emails.

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